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6 June 2019by portalma0
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The pictures above are showing a growt of tree days. This flower does this by being just who he/she is, there is no doubt over her capability, or comparing with her neighbor. Ofcourse there are important things like where the seed lands, the watersupply and sunlight.

If we look at the way we grow we can see that we ignore our unic being and minimalise everything we have or do. Where we are born how much supplies water and sunlight we get is a source of irritation, it is never enough. And that we use as excuse to stay in status quo, and than we complain for being so small.

Our methode LTE (life turning experience)

We use horses, dogs, cats and nature to experience and show how things work. It will get clear that our thoughts about what we need and who we are are based on an illusion. To grow we need food, water and sunlight, however unlike the plant/flower we can move around. Yes it is true!! We are able to find us an nice place in the sun , and we can get cleaner water and better food. But we have learned that we have to be happy with what we have, you are born a loser and more of this nonsense

The opportunities we offer :

A long weekend Friday mornig till Sunday lunch .

A week Thursday evening till Thursday morning.

Both opties are an intensive training in wich we first examen the needs together with the client.

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