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Why Family Constellations with horses?

It is really simple: horses do not have a hidden agenda.

My own experience in Family Constellations tells me, i have a lot of questions. For example: do my thoughts allow me to just let it happen? Is my shame an issue in the proces? Is what is happening not a piece of my own pain? So a lot of doubt in my role as representant. beside that I was not sure if i was honest in saying is this real or my imagination.


So my conclusion was: reprensenting somebody I don’t know, can not be totaly pure. Maybe I have some simularities in my own garbage with the one I repensent, and the one choosing me to represent, recognized this little piece in me.

When I started to use horses in the therapie, it became clear to me that, when somebody entered the space, the attidude and behaviour of the horses changed. In the human world is this the same, because everything changes when somebody new comes in. Why is a horse more sensitive then we are?  Maybe because he is a prey and always beware for danger. People are hunters, all do most of us behave like prey.

This is allready an problem for the horse. Somebody pretending to be “whatever” is not trustwurthy. For example: horses choose a leader for his qualities to be able to reconize danger very soon. The hurd trust his judgement 100%, so when he starts running they follow. There is no discussion : he, are you sure this is an lion and if he is hungry? A leader who would run from a rabbit doesn’t do good and it will be a waste of energy, he will never do this, also because he puts the interest of the herd before his own.


So someone who is angry and laughs is not trustworthy and not in our interest. So we wil ignore you. That will set in motion an scala of thoughts and emotions. So instead of showing our anger (action) we react (prey) on the results we set uncounsious in motion

This action / reaction we can make visual in the familie constallations, and it will show you how we think about ourselfs, followed up by “why”.

And knowing this will change everything.
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