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What we do:

The foundation shelters wild animals whom have been in an accident, shot by hunters or did get in trouble in an other way.

After been taken care and recovery these animals will be released if possible in the area where they had been found.

Why we do this :

We also give shelter to humans who need to recover after they have been “in an accident, shot by hunters or did get in trouble in an other way”. We bring these two groups in contact with each other. Because when we do so, it becomes clear for humans, that after these traumas animals go on with their lives.
Animals have a natural way to release stress and tension into a normal state of being.

Men versus animal
When you see a dear hunted by lions in a wild life film, if she escapes and reaches safety she will release the stress by shaking her whole body.

That would be easy ,no?
This easy way seems not to apply by us humans, because when we are save after a distortion/trauma we start thinking about what happened and worse, what could happen in the future.
Of course the dear has also a memory and knows: Ooh that’s a lion I will keep my eyes on him, however as long he doesn’t chase me I’m save. That’s being in the moment.
and that is our learning point.

Allthough we difine ourself als evolved creatures and far above animals, there are many similarities with the animal world. Some things can not be solved with reasoning, and we have to rely on our instinct. In other words: animals know and we did forget.

Of course people will be released in the place where they were found. In the animal case we can not monitor the proces after the release. For humans we have a follow up program to stay in contact. However we believe with the knowledge we can learn here in Port alma, you will be strong enough to proceed your live.