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Port Alma is similar to: a save place for humans and animals, to recover from experiences whom swept them of their feet.

When we were as baby we are united as whole and we experience pain, fear and joy in whole the body. When we start talking our unity falls apart. we talk about pain in the head, belly or other parts.

Also the norms and values of the society we belong, often don’t comply with our feelings or what we want.

How to be jour self? or are you just the sum of ideas and talents surrounding you? what is real?

If you ask yourself all these questions, you are already searching for answers. How to get these answers, where is the truth?

Nobody can give you the answers, you can visit thousend wise people, search in every libery and never find it there. And than you hear people say : the truth is inside, you allready know. Yes off course, that will help me.

And still we base our filosofie that the truth is somewhere inside of us.

We just don’t remember.

Children know this and many people tried to tell us this. (Like Jesus Bhuda,Mohammed: let the children come to me because, they own paradise. Many songs and quots say the same.) We tend to ignore this because it hurts to much ( and irritates us) to see what we have lost. Our truth is lies under a pile of rumble like: rules, and so called personel qualities and characters that are the sum of our past.

These are not our own rules!!

How to get back to your essence? Or in other words knowing: what am I thinking now? What are my rules? To help you recover these issues we ask the horses, how do you do this?

When you spend a few days in Port Alma with the horses, you start to notice : there are rules, every individual has a part, and they want to fulfil this place/part. We are also in the place we supose to be, however we don’t want to be there. Simple because we do not urn as much the neighbour or because choose the wrong education, or many other reasons to be thinking that we belong in a better place. Ohh if I had…. Or… than i would be……

Horses are not limited by words, ther is however communication, he knows what the other means, They don’t have the need for Why, when or howmuch. It is here now or it is not.

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Disponibilitat de 1 habitació doble per Allotjament amb servei de Bed & Breakfast / Mitja Pensió / Pensió Complerta, depenent del tipus d’estança que es desitja.

Possibilitat de fer estances de llarga durada combinant teràpia amb les feines de la granja i hores lliures d’esbarjo.

Habitació amb vistes al jardí amb llit de matrimoni i opció de llit supletori

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