Meditation and mindfulness how can we use these instruments to get a better life?

Would you like to get into understanding your feelings and the way you think?

This can be a scary and dangerous adventure.

So why would tou undertake such a journey?

And why would you use meditation?

All these questions are very relavant for people who are open to see behind the doors that seems to be closed.

We created a nonverbal program to get into your inner world with horses.

Who are strong and big, also warm and soft and, most important, they are not able to lie.

In this world, where so many people are lying, we can only depend on our own experience / feelings and act on those.

These reactions are unconsious / automatic and do not always result in what we want.

So what will happen if somebody tells you the truth about your actions?

Maybe you can change this behavior.

This experience with the horses will bring you a deeper understanding.

Be careful changes can be very painful.


Fill in the contact form or call:

English: 0034-678.246.174 Spanish: 0034-608.618.628

The program will be starting friday 10:00 and finish sunday after lunch.

Price: 490 euro per person (Full pension). Max 2 persons per weekend.