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Port Alma is located near the village of Esponella, five kilometer north of the city Banyoles. The surroundings are charactererized by hills, mountains, forest, lakes and the sea. this coast is called the  Costa Brava , the fiercum coast , unique with her  rockformations, cliffs and long beaches . When you hear Costa Brava, many think about an big touristic place, that is far from true. The big holiday crowd is more interested by the south of this coast. We are situated in an area where time stood still, surrounded by autentic small villages, most of them with a beautiful centre. We could make a list of all the nice thing to see and do, that would be too long, so we made an little enumeration of all the possibility’s. We can of course always  make suggestions for a nice day out.


Figueres, in this city fulfilled Dali his masterpiece, the museum.

The artist was so obligate with his accomplishment that he ask to be buried there. In 1989 he was given the permit to do so.

The Dali triangle existing by the museum in Figueres, Cadaques en the village Pubol are completely consecrated  to his work and of course to his muse Gala. Aside the little castle he bought for Gala is a restaurant where his old housekeeper still keeps guard.

Girona, een beautifull old city.

The romans build their capitel, after them the Visgoten and the moren left their marks. Visible in many ways are the signs of conquerors, one name in particular Napoleon, but never succeeded in destroying the city. The council is the last decennia working to restore the old city heart. Also you find here the oldest preserved Jewish community with millions off restaurants en terraces.

Recent scenes of the popular tv show Game of trones were recorded right here.


This district is a pile of old villages like Pals, Peratallada and Monells. Nice villages, buildings, main squares. were is it easy to find a nice restaurant. If you discover this by car or on your bicycle you will be amazed by the rich culture of this country.

lake Banyoles

There is Banyoles and her famous lake, Besalu the roman bridge, there is also bird conservation in Aquamolls del Emporda with a variety of animals en plants.

Or just plan a trip to the Pyrenees and if you have not anxiety of heights you visit Val de nuria, or the famous pottery in Bisbal d’ Emporda.


The sun is shining more then treehundred days a year, the summer is warm, winters are mild. It is not unusual to sit outside in the middle of winter in the afternoon drinking a nice local glass of wine, at night however it will bea little chilly.


Spanish cuisine is varied and very good, for example in Girona a famous Michelin three star restaurant. Don’t go there without a reservation you’ll be waiting a least a year. Luckily Spanish people like good food and know what to serve, grandmothers cooking in a little restaurant in the main square for less than ten Euros including coffee and wine.

Of course there is also the aioli a garlic sauce.

The main ingredients in the surroundings are rice, fish, sausages nuts and vegetables, a lot of different cheeses and mushrooms. The distinction of the rest of Spain is the habit of eating a lot of pastas.

The lunch and diner times are a little different than you maybe used to lunch starts at 14:00 and diner at 20:00.


Catalonia is one of the most important wine areas in Spain a mostly known by the cava, it is champagne however this name is patented by France, the quality is the same or maybe better. In our area Emporda the grapes are suntanned and raised by the tramontana what result is a stubborn tasteful wine.